Hopefully you’ve taken the time out of your busy schedule to listen to our podcast “If This Bar Could Talk”. It’s a podcast about bartenders and the stories they have to tell as well as the storied history of cocktails, spirits and bars. We’ve had a lot of fun recording it. The best part is getting to know our local bartenders a little better. The great cocktail recipes aren’t bad either. After the Holiday’s, we’ll be back with new episodes and hopefully fewer “so’s” and “umm’s” from yours truly. Like most people, I cringe a little when I hear my voice. I hate how I’m all nasally and twangy. But the worst is how often I say “so” and “umm”.  Apparently, my brain doesn’t work fast enough to put together what I’m going to say next. To correct this annoying flaw, I’ve decided to make it a drinking game.

Subscribe to the podcast and grab a cocktail or a bottle of your favorite spirit (while in the safety of your home, of course) and each time I pause and say “so” or “umm”, drink! That’ll teach me.