The Scofflaw Cocktail.

Ever heard of it?  I hadn’t until a recent visit to Cris Dehlavi’s bar at M Restaurant. She thought it would be something we’d enjoy, and she was right. This cocktail contains some of my most beloved spirits, Bourbon and Dry Vermouth.  I LOVE vermouth. Blair prefers a dry martini, so I always ask the bartender to swirl the vermouth in Blair’s glass and pour the excess into mine. I’ve never figured out if I should order my martini very wet? Is that a thing? Anyway, the best vermouths in the world (in my opinion) were invented in 1786 by Giuseppe and Antonio Carpano, respectively. Carpano Antica is a sweet vermouth and Carpano Blanco is a white vermouth. You can find cheaper vermouths but, trust me, it’s worth the extra money. The Scofflaw is made with dry vermouth and we use Carpano Blanco at home. If you’re ordering the Scofflaw at a bar, make sure they have house-made grenadine. If they don’t, you need to question why you’re there. You can make grenadine at home, it’s really easy, just google the recipe. Cheers!


Scofflaw Cocktail

2 oz Bourbon or rye whiskey
1 oz Dry vermouth
.25 oz Lemon juice
.5 oz grenadine
2 dash Orange bitters